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Being the leading industrial research arm of Bitsym,
we provide best possible solutions science can offer to create a
better future for humanity.

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Founded in the year 2012 by Saad Bin Qaisar, Bitsym created innovation arm in 2020 to constantly innovate for solution to most pressing problems.

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About Us

To be One Stop Global Digital Solutions Company

Our mission is to enable people, enterprises and verticals to build high performing digital solutions to disrupt and make a positive difference in this world. Mobile & Cloud Technologies are constantly changing the world; Bitsym has built great experience and unique advantage in both. Since our inception 11- years ago, we have been helping our clients with innovative products which inspire, not just to succeed, but to lead humanity.

Innovation & Reasearch

Bitsym is at the frontier of innovation with six major divisions lead by the best in their field of expertise.​

Telecommunications and Networks

The Telecommunications and Networks division creates the most innovative techniques towards faster and greater connectivity of humans and machines.
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Artificial Intelligence

Bitsym Labs is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with a large pool of AI and Machine Learning scientists exploiting data, statistics, mathematical modeling and optimization techniques towards ensuring intelligence. ​
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Semiconductors are expected to play a critical role in the next century in enabling ubiquitous embedded devices, sensors, actuators, robots and smart machines. At Bitsym Labs Semiconductors, from chip design to embedded devices to smart surfaces and materials, we do our part create the future. ​
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Digital Security

Security is of paramount importance to ensure a seamless connected operation in digital world. Bitsym Labs has an active security team designing techniques, algorithms and hardware that ensures the digital infrastructure is safe from any internal and external threats. ​
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Be it computing at the cloud, network edge, handheld computing or quantum computers, Bitsym Labs innovates in all computing spheres to remain at the forefronts. ​
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Software Solutions

Bitsym Software Solutions team specializes in latest tools and technologies with best methods and practices of software engineering and an ISO/CMMI certified portfolio of projects.
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Bitsym Labs has a rich portfolio of Research and Innovation projects. We work  across disciplines and knowledge boundaries to bring the best solutions science and engineering can offer.


Bitsym Consulting provides expert consultation and knowledge base to individuals, teams
& organizations having synergy in areas we operate in. Contact us at services at bitsym dot
com for more information and scheduling a free initial consultation.

Our Partners

Bitsym Labs is partner to a number of international organizations and networks, with following being few of the active partners and supporters.


Trainings & Continuous Learning

Bitsym Labs Cybersecurity Fundamentals Industrial Training

  Mar 2, 2023, 8:00 PM – Mar 13, 2023, 8:00 PM (your local time)

Business Coaching

As a corporate socially responsible firm, Bitsym, through its inhouse acceleration program, regularly provides coaching to youth and budding entrepreneurs on business, product and brand development launched in partnership with Bitsym Labs. 


Student Internships, Industrial Thesis and Postdoctorate Programs

Bitsym Labs provides regular internship, industrial thesis and post-doctorate research programs throughout the year for the most promising talent available locally and internationally. Send resume to careers at bitsym dot com

Meet Our Leadership

Bitsym Labs is lead by highly qualified and trained team with experience spanning multiple decades from technology management, innovation, administration and human resource training and consulting.

Mohammad Qaisar

Director Administration

Saad Bin Qaisar​


Ms Fariha Nadeem

Head, Bitsym Trainings

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